Blue LipsThe new season of Big Brother started tonight and I boldly admit I watched it and even got a little excited about all the new rules and challenges. For those of you who have had better things to do for the last 10 years, Big Brother is about 12 strangers who live in a fake house together set-up outside of some CBS studio. And pretty typical things happen. Natural clicks form, like that dreaded time of our life we call highschool.

So why do I put myself through not only this reality show but many others I won’t dare to name? It’s all about sheer entertainment. Reality shows are a break from the depth of true reality. At least, thats why I watch. The mundane games they play, the kindergarten arguments and eventual lack of respect for each other that usually occurs, is worth it, just to become a couch potato for a brief time.

I spend a lot of my life in some pretty deep conversations. I coach people and help them find jobs and start new careers and in that process I find out more about their lives than I ever thought I would. I enjoy it, but sometimes it gets a bit heavy.

So I turn to the therapy of Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Because I’m a deep spiritual being and sometimes I just want out! They say all psychiatrists have psychiatrists, I totally believe this is true. Well, I’m not a doctor but I do take on people’s life challenges and so I have my therapist, and so what if it’s HGTV’s Design Star. Who are you to judge?

Hey, that’s a great name for a reality show…hmmm. “Who Are You To Judge?” It could be some sort of contest between Judge Mathis, Judge Judy and the People’s Court. Maybe I should I pitch that one. Anyway, I make no more excuses, I’m a grown-up and I can watch whatever I want, even if it turns my brain into chicken fried rice.

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