The latest book sent to me by Hay House is Wayne Dyer’s companion book to his successful movie, The Shift. The book of the same name, is a compact book full of big knowledge. The review will be posted by February 28th.

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Hello my loyal and new readers of Breaking Dishes blog. I have been given the amazing opportunity to join Hay House Publishing, the largest publishing house of spiritual books and products, as a book reviewer for their latest books!

I greatly thank Hay House and all my readers who will now have the chance to read reviews on Breaking Dishes blog by authors like Krishna Das, Wayne Dyer and the founder of Hay House and amazing spiritual author Louise Hay!

The first book review will be published here on Breaking Dishes blog on February 4th. It is a beautiful book called Chants of A Lifetime by Krishna Das!

So please come back and join us for some awesome, enlightening reading!

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*All books that are reviewed on this blog are sent to me free from Hay House. The reviews that are posted on this blog are my own personal opinions and expressions.

The Shift
(Taking Your Life From Ambition To Meaning)

By Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of the planet’s most well-known and admired modern spiritual teachers. He has authored over 30 books, created numerous inspirational videos and you can also listen to his lectures on your local PBS station.

The Shift is Dr. Wayne Dyer’s companion book to the movie titled by the same name. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you will still benefit greatly from this compact book overflowing with spiritual insight in its simplest form.

The movie was originally titled From Ambition to Meaning, and from ambition to meaning is exactly the journey you will take while reading this book. Dr. Dyer seems to have written this book for everyone, meaning that you don’t need to be familiar with his other works or philosophy, and you certainly don’t need to have a degree in spirituality to understand it.

The Shift is organized into four chapters using the words ‘from’, ‘ambition’, ‘to’, and ‘meaning’, each word representing a phase of the spiritual shift in consciousness. The word ‘from’ represents that eternal question that every human being asks about their origin. When we are small children, one of the first questions we ask is “where do I come from?”. Dr. Dyer says, “we are all essentially spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. This is our essence. This is where we come from”.

The word ‘ambition’, addresses the ego and the false self, when we begin to move away from who we really are and begin to believe that who we are is what we have or own. The next chapter titled ‘To’, takes us on that transitional part of the shift, when we begin to make a u-turn back to our original source of being and as Dr. Dyer puts it, begin trusting the wisdom that created us. This journey then takes us into ‘meaning’, which is the last chapter and the destination we hope to reach through this process called the shift, living a life of meaning and purpose.

If you are familiar with Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books and videos, you already know that he references many different philosophies and spiritual practices. This book, The Shift, is not geared towards any particular religion or way of thinking. It is wanting to answer the questions we have in our souls about who we are, why we are here, and lend us a road map to those answers. The Shift is a small book in size, but massive in its relevancy to the life of today’s human being. If you are not familiar with Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work, I believe it will be a pleasant, simplistic, but mindful journey back to your original self.

The Shift can be purchased at Amazon or Hay House

*All books that are reviewed on this blog are sent to me free from Hay House.

Chants Of A Lifetime
(Searching For A Heart Of Gold)

By Krishna Das
Hay House

The first thing that comes to mind after reading Chants of A Lifetime by Krishna Das, is the words, “love story”. This book takes you on a spiritual journey with Krishna Das as he travels from a state of emotional depression to finding the gateway to eternal love.

Krishna Das’ journey began in 1968 when he met a spiritual seeker named Ram Dass. After meeting Ram Dass, who had just come back from India and his visits with his Maharaj-ji, the legendary guru Neem Karoli Baba, Krishna Das longed for the love and communion that he heard through the stories of Ram Dass. He then gave up his dreams of being an American rock and roll star for the chance to follow and find his heart.

Chants of A Lifetime reads like a song, which is so beautifully appropriate, because not only is it a story of love between a seeker and his guru but it is also a story about the love of song and spiritual chanting. Kirtan is a form of singing or chanting the names of God. During his time in India with his guru Neem Karoli Baba, Krishna Das was introduced and strongly drawn to the practices of Bhakti Yoga, a yoga of devotion, and kirtan, chanting the Divine names.

Krishna Das starts his love story speaking about how he longed deeply to meet the guru Neem Karoli Baba and when he finally got the chance to travel to India and be in the Maharaj-ji’s presence he felt a love that was beyond any love he had ever experienced. He desired to be constantly in the presence of the Maharaj-ji, but Krishna Das would soon find out that Neem Karoli Baba made sure that no attachments would be encouraged and that his disciples would eventually learn that the true guru was within you and not outside of you.

Through the rest of the book Krishna Das walks us sweetly through his finding of the true guru within, and finding a spiritual practice that he has loved, enjoyed and still shares with the planet today. This engaging book comes with a companion cd of Krishna Das’ kirtan chants to a traditional form of music that makes the practice of chanting the Divine names of God, accessible to almost everyone whose heart is open.

Chants of A Lifetime was for me, an exercise of love and devotion. As readers, we enjoy the privilege of accompanying Krishna Das on his journey but we are also introduced or reacquainted with a spiritual practice of chanting that conjures up a devotion to the highest self, God, or guru within and leads us to a love that is beyond human admiration and worship of another. As Krishna Das, so beautifully states, “Chanting uncovers the happiness, beauty, and love inside of us. It shows us that we have that already.”

Most of us know what it’s like to fall in love, have our hearts broken through the uncovering of an illusion and then finding our way back again, to ourselves. Krishna Das’ Chants of a Lifetime takes us farther and deeper into that experience. This is a true love story and a deeper search for the heart.

Chants of A Lifetime is published by Hay House and includes a section for reader’s notes, a glossary, and the lyrics to the kirtan chanting cd that accompanies it.

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*All books that are reviewed on this blog are received free from Hay House.