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My friends know that I adore living my Champagne life, on a beer budget, that is. So I decided that it’s time to share some of the great deals to be found on the internet these days. Don’t allow a not-so-fun economy to keep you down. There are always ways to enjoy yourself in this life, and I am here to help you find them. Many times with some imagination, inspiration, and a bit of abundant thinking, we can find many economical creative ways to add some spice to life.

One of my latest finds is A friend sent me the link to this site and they offer amazing deals in quite a few cities across the U.S. Today, if you’re in Washington, DC, you can enjoy a fabulous Indian meal at Indique, worth $50, for a mere $25. Bostonians can go to the matinee of the New England String Ensemble orchestra on April 17th for $12, normally a $25 ticket value. So there’s no excuse why you can’t take that cute girl from the coffee shop on a really classy date! So rush on over to Living Social’s website and grab a deal before it’s too late. The website is a lot of fun because these deals have a deadline. So hey guy, you have 15 minutes left to go grab that orchestra coupon before you have to sit at home alone on another Saturday night.

If you are in a city that celebrates First Fridays, which is literally, held on the first Friday of each month, you can find fun great deals on that day and usually throughout the weekend. First Fridays are normally celebrated with art galleries opening their doors and offering wine, cheese and crackers and free events. Many times an artist is featured for that weekend and you actually get to mingle with them while eating free snacks and wine. What could be better on a Friday night?, that’s legal anyway. So Google your city for First Friday celebrations, and see what type of fun your city may be offering.

Nothing makes me think of the social summer season like serving up some food and cocktails. But at Breaking Dishes we like to add a little twist to everything. So my pal Julian, owner of JG Events specializes in creating customized cocktail recipes for your business, your event, or celebration, or, what the heck, he can create one with just your name on it! You’re fabulous, why not? Listen, anyone can buy a cool pair of designer sunglasses, but who amongst your crew has a cocktail named after them? The regular price range of a customized signature cocktail is from $50-$75, but if you mention Breaking Dishes, Julian will create something awesomely delicious just for you for as little as $30. So, hey you with the $400 smartphone, stand out in the crowd for a change and get your own cocktail named after you! Email

Eat. Drink. Save Money. Thats the slogan for offering amazingly delicious deals through discounted gift certificates to many of your favorite dining spots. If you’re lucky enough to be in Miami Beach this weekend, you can eat at Grazie Italian Cuisine with a $10 gift certificate worth $25. At that price, you can purchase two and have an even better time! And just a little tip; if money is a bit scarce, you don’t always need to indulge in a full meal. Sit at the bar, order an appetizer, or two at happy hour prices, get a nice cocktail and enjoy the scenery.

I have also decided to include some other Champagne-girl-on-a-beer-budget tips for having fun, not just in the summer but throughout the seasons. I hope you try some of them and find out that you don’t have to break the bank or break into a bank, to have fun.

* When you throw a cocktail party, you don’t need to buy a whole bar’s worth of liquors and wines. It is much more fun plus economical to create a theme. Choose one cocktail that suits your decor and your theme, buy some moderately priced wine, a couple reds, a couple white wines, or make a huge bowl of sparkling wine punch. Your friends will find you to be way creative and you will have a classy sassy themed party for less money!

* Remember to explore the area you live in. Imagine yourself as a tourist one weekend and open your mind to the many things there are to see, right in your home town. Pack a small picnic from home and visit the park or the beach. Take a magazine or a really cool friend. Be a picnic team, so you both will bring your own lunchmeats, cheeses, and crackers from home. There are some good things in life that are still free.

* Get together with a group of friends and acquaintances and have everyone bring one bottle of wine, for a group wine tasting. Ask everyone to bring an appetizer and you’ll be surprised how far 8 bottles of wine and 8 homemade dishes will go. I’ve done this type of gathering many times and it is tons of fun with no stress on the purse.

So ultimately, if you open your mind and become creative, you can find many ways to add a little twist to your life without stretching your budget.


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**** I have no affiliation with any of the businesses mentioned above except for the fact that I enjoy what they have to offer.


I truly believe in the ascension of the planet, not that the planet needs my belief in its ascension. But because I do resonate with the reality that the planet is changing and so are we, I believe that the way we do business needs to change. When I was growing up, the word business was synonymous with competition. I never thought I was made to be a business person because of that thinking, because I am not naturally competitive. Winning or losing means nothing to me. They have always been just words. I have always aspired to enjoy myself. I never needed the gold medal, as long as the race was fun.

I am not saying that having an edge can’t be a healthy thing. We need to feel motivated and energized before we can feel successful. I am motivated and energized by working with others and appreciating others’ talents and gifts. In this new age we are now moving into, that C word competition is quickly being replaced by other C words, like collaboration and community. I am seeking to build a collaborative community of entrepreneurs who want to bring their gifts to the table for the sharing. We are all unique in what we do. Even businesses of the same nature, do things differently and can therefore, offer something new and fresh to each other.

This is what my Twist Radio family represents. It is a family of people who support and enjoy each other’s work. We support each other’s creative endeavors and through this support, we help each other grow more productive and more prosperous. We are gathering together to help promote each other and expand our purpose as a whole. We can reach more people when we help each other. The theme song to my podcast, Life With A Twist, starts off with the saying, ‘we are all angels with only one wing. The only way we can fly is to embrace one another’. This is the new way of doing business. Everyone always says that they want out of the rat race. You can get out of the rat race, just excuse yourself and move on. The human race is far more rewarding and filled with joy.

Let us move into a space where we can look at each other with admiration and kinship, knowing that your success is my success. This is the only way this global community we call planet Earth is going to thrive. The earth, I believe, will always find a way to survive, but we are now wanting more than just survival, or we should. We should want to join in this coming together, this forming of unions of human beings who are not all trying to beat each other to the finish line. Instead, we choose to do business with an attitude of appreciation and support.

The way we do business now should reflect how we want to live our lives, for I am not trying to beat my brother to the dinner table, instead, I am calling him to come join me.

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It raises my positive vibrations to celebrate others. It’s really pretty selfish because I am aware that the Law of Attraction responds to my emotions and the better I can make myself feel, the better and more joyful my manifestations are.

So I decided to take a moment to write a post that embodies the meaning of why I created Breaking Dishes blog and my Blog Talk Radio show, Life with a Twist, and that is to promote and celebrate the work, lives, and creations of others. I do hope that you utilize this post to appreciate others and therefore raise your positive vibrations so that you can become the awesome creator of your own reality.



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For spiritual enlightenment in the most joyous of ways, get to know Darien Marshall and Darius Jones, the hosts of Blog Talk Radio’s It’s All About You, and the founders of Darimar Entertainment. Darien and Darius will introduce you to the most amazing wisdom teachers who share their life stories of success and triumph over a variety of life’s challenges. These wisdom teachers offer their knowledge, wisdom and advice to you. This show has featured such highly esteemed guests as Gary Zukav and Byron Katie.

Darien also co-hosts Blog Talk Radio’s City Enlightenment with poet Mary McManus, which shows you that you can achieve spiritual enlightenment among the busy noise of a city environment.

It’s All About You airs each Monday at 3pm eastern time and City Enlightenment airs each Thursday at 6pm eastern time. You can find out more about Darien and Darius and their company Darimar Entertainment at

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For a new favorite thing to do on Sunday nights, check out Ms. Olivia Wilder, a Blog Talk Radio pro, on The Art of Living. This extremely entertaining show is all about the good things in life, food, wine, design and an all-around great time! It is chock full of celeb chefs, fabulous designers, a resident wine expert and the funniest and hungriest chatroom on BTR!

Olivia does other variety shows during the week in which she interviews television, music and movie stars, so check out her archives. You can find The Art of Living each Sunday on Blog Talk Radio at 9pm eastern time, 6pm pacific.

You can find Olivia on Twitter @OliviaWilder

If you are seeking good news, Sumaiya Malik, creator of the Good News Gazette, has got some for you. Sumaiya believes that people are ready to hear good news and not just the often disheartening and many times negative news we are inundated with each day. Sumaiya will be our latest guest on my Blog Talk Radio show, Life with a Twist with my co-host Julian Green and she will share with us what gave her the inspiration to embark on such a daring project.

Sumaiya calls her Good News Gazette, “news at the speed of nice!”. I love that so much I wish I had thought of it, anyway, thanks to Sumaiya for bringing us the good news!

Listen to Sumaiya’s journey at, Sunday, February 28th at 4pm eastern time.

You can get your “news at the speed of nice” at and follow her on Twitter @GoodNewsGazette

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What I adore about the internet, is my exposure to so many different types of people and talents. The internet and the social networks offer all of us an opportunity to travel the world without leaving our computers. Though the internet offers us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, sometimes we are surprised by the treasures that lie in our own parts of the globe.

Mary McManus is one of those treasures in my life. I met Mary after my friend Gary in Oregon sent a link to me for a Blog Talk Radio show called, It’s All About You, in which Mary is the resident poet. I really resonated with this inspirational show and it was such a big plus, that on every episode they had this woman, this poet, who had such an amazing story combined with such a tender voice.

Since that time, Mary McManus, has become a friend and a muse, inspiring me to continue in my creative pursuits and more importantly, inspiring me to live my entire life to its fullest.

I will be writing more about Mary McManus and her enlightening and inspiring life story on this blog, but for now, I wanted to highlight a poem she wrote for me, her friends Darien Marshall and Darius Jones, and for all of those who realize that you can have fun and still be Divine.

You can reach Mary and enjoy more of her creativity at and she is the co-host of City Enlightenment on Blog Talk Radio at with Darien Marshall.

Thank you Mary!

You can purchase Mary’s first book New World Greetings on her website. The picture below will take you there! And Mary gives 20% of the proceeds to Spaulding Rehab’s Polio Fund

Click Here for New World Greetings

Happy Hour Gratitude
by Poet Mary McManus

A gathering, a city bar, the sun sets in the sky
Preparing for the evening as dusk is drawing nigh.
Celebrate the day’s events with friends, a glass of wine
Savoring the moments now blessed by love Divine.
In fellowship, the challenges, their purpose now made clear
The joys are shared and multiplied a toast, triumphant cheer.
Happy hour gratitude Spirits overflow
Attentive conversations dreams of future seeds to sow.

Life With A Twist Radio

Hello All, just taking some fun time to share with you all the wonderful new opportunities I'm experiencing with others, and also taking more time to promote great people, products, ideas, and businesses!

I will be doing a regular cinchcast, at least once a week to send updates about my new podcast on Blog Talk Radio called Life with a Twist starting February 3rd at 6pm eastern time, and keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest products and services on the planet!

If you have a business, product, life story, that is positive and that adds a sense of inspiration and joy to others, please contact me at

You can listen to my latest cinchcast here!! Twist Radio Online
I really appreciate all of you and thanks for visiting me!


Every once in a while, a business is inspiring enough to become my muse. Everyday life can easily become mundane and monotonous if we are not creative enough to take it all to a new level. Many of my fondest memories are from times spent entertaining family and friends with cocktails, wine, and music. JG Events is my latest creative entertaining muse, inspiring me to go back to those times when socializing was a priority and entertaining was an art.

JG Events, currently located in the Washington, DC area, is a premier events and bartending services company, specializing in providing your event with professional bartenders and amazing flair bartenders who are skilled enough to make a delectable cosmopolitan and toss a few bottles in the air gracefully, all at the same time. The company also provides live music entertainment from traditional jazz, reggae, r & b bands, to classical and hip-hop music. It doesn’t matter what ambiance you choose to create, JG Events has the music, drinks and entertainment, to compliment it.

Professional cocktail mixologist and entrepreneur, Julian Green, is the modern creative mind behind JG Events. Julian is bringing his unique style of living and entertaining to the masses, through his event services company. After being trained and working as a professional bartender, Julian decided to combine his talent for creating high-end cocktails, his intimate knowledge of the DC social scene and his entrepreneurial drive, to create a company that would help others take their party experience to new heights.

Those of you who follow this blog regularly, know that my passion is highlighting people who are actively creating their dreams and manifesting their desires. JG Events fits that design, with its personalized and innovative way of designing a party and Julian’s way of being a fearless young entrepreneur during a time when we are not necessarily encouraged to take chances and follow our dreams. I love JG Events because I believe that people are feeling a pull to get back to a time of enjoying each others’ company and having fun in life. After all is done, these are the times in our lives that create long lasting memories.

Anyone can add a bit of style and spice to their event, large or small, by contacting JG Events and letting them know what type of atmosphere you’re trying to create. Julian and his staff are enthusiastic about meeting your needs and if you’re daring enough, they can throw in a flair bartender or two, to shake things up.

You can contact Julian and JG Events at or simply call 240-330-2547. As JG Events expands, its website is expanding as well, but you can still visit their website during its redesign, at

Please follow JG Events owner Julian Green on Twitter at for motivational tweets and updated information on JG Events. Julian will also be co-hosting on ‘Life with a Twist’ with yours truly, on Blog Talk Radio beginning February 3rd. He will be giving out cocktail recipes, entertaining tips and more. Remember to join us to get encouraged and inspired to entertain your family and friends again in a new and exciting way.

I was born in 1967 and throughout my entire childhood my mother always made sure that I was exposed to many different worlds that may not have currently been apart of my own. She participated strongly in the Civil Rights movement and she shared many of those stories with me. My mother never told a pitiful, bitter or angry story. Her stories always focused on the change and the victory, not just for one group of people, but she felt like her work was for all of humanity’s sake. How can any of us really experience freedom when our nieghbor is in bondage?

Music and pop culture has always played a role in the story telling of humanity’s challenges. Having been on the planet during womens’ rights struggles, and sleeping through most of it, my mother made sure I knew how fortunate I was to be able to fully participate in this life. My mother told a lot of her stories through songs. One of those songs was Helen Reddy’s “I am Woman”. Most women my age know a little something about Helen Reddy, even if it is just the fact that she sang that amazing women’s anthem.

Needless to say, there are a multitude of strong women that have played a role in the freedoms we now have. We can speak about Harriet Tubman who was brave enough to help runaway slaves while putting her own life in serious danger and we can then talk about Miss Helen Keller, who showed those of us who were born with the use of all our five senses, that all you really need is what’s inside your heart. We can talk about all the everyday women who burned their bras in protest, fought side by side with union men for the rights of labor workers. The list is enormous and is ever-growing, full of women who are not afraid to take stands for all of us and women who are not afraid to change their own lives for the sake of their own freedom. In 1976 Louise Hay, one of the most successful authors and publishers of our time, founder of Hay House, which publishes many of today’s most accomplished authors of spiritual books and materials, wrote her first pamphlet turned book, “You Can Heal Your Life”. She was 50 years old.

Your daughters should know about Helen Reddy as they comfort themselves with ipods and youtube. Helen Reddy is just a symbol of what we should be sharing with our daughters. The real information is they they are strong and invincible and that it is not just ok, but expected of them that they live their purpose. Our daughters should know that many women placed their lives on the front lines of society, so that they don’t have to be what they don’t want to be or do what they don’t want to do.

Music has functioned as a huge reminder in my life, letting me know that anything is possible. Messages don’t have to hit you over the head. They can lull you into beautiful dreams through lyrics and melody. I don’t know if anyone has ever done a remake of “I am Woman”, but if not, it’s time someone should, maybe Lady GaGa?

For more about Helen Reddy, visit her website at

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Charity Through Creativity


Many people on the planet at this present time are beginning to feel a shift in consciousness, a positive spiritual energy that is becoming more prevalent as the days go by. I am sure there are also people who feel disconnected and find themselves in dire straits. The other reality is that there are families without income losing their homes and parents who are finding it difficult to put food on the table. In many areas on our planet, it has always historically been challenging to survive. Children are the most precious victims who are affected by what seems to be a lack of necessary resources.

Alex Sebastian has done what a lot of business owners are doing now. He has combined his drive for creating successful businesses with his main passion in life, helping to feed, nurture and educate children around the world. Alex has a sincere belief that if children have the most basic needs provided and are able to be exposed to the rest of the world’s culture and opportunities, we will see many of them rise up to be successful and creative human beings with hope and purpose. He understands that if you are not aware of what is possible, you cannot dream.

That is where his internet business ecupids comes into play. Ecupids is an online dating and friendship website that invites its members to join for free to connect to find love, romance or just the pleasure of meeting people from all over the globe. Ecupids has a whole host of free services that it offers to its members, like free chat, video uploading, free blogs, the ability to upload music and more. So what does an online dating service have to do with feeding and educating children all over the world? Ecupids has a major goal and that is to become successful enough to open doors and provide the financial means to help his other business and foundation, Heis Kids, grow.

Heis Kids sells children’s t-shirts with adorable positive sayings on them to keep kids inspired and smiling. When you purchase a t-shirt from the Heis Kids website, a portion of the proceeds go to the Kids Foundation and the Out of the Streets Foundation. You don’t have to purchase a t-shirt to help support these wonderful children’s foundations, you can visit the website and donate what you can.

As for ecupids, the look of the website makes you feel like it’s Valentine’s Day everyday. By joining ecupids you are helping in a major way to build the foundation of Heis Kids. Even if you are not searching for love, it’s a great online venue to hang out, share music, chat, and make some new friends. We can all use a little fun in our lives, and it makes it all the better when it’s for a great cause.

You can visit ecupids at to take full advantage of the 100% free membership and enjoy all the membership perks. And while you’re there having fun, you can think about all the children that will benefit simply from your participation. Ecupids is a great example of charity through creativity, showing that we can all make a difference through our own creative efforts.


A Celebration of Choices


Sassy Black Woman

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If i can’t do
what i want to do
then my job is to not
do what i don’t want
to do…

Excerpt from the poem Choices by author/poet Nikki Giovanni (copied in Ms.Giovanni’s lowercase style of writing)

It is still surreal to me that as a woman at the age of 42, it was not so very long ago that women were granted the right to cast a political vote. It was already 1920 when women won the right to vote, for many of you that seems like ancient history, but when you think about how far back history goes, it is a fairly recent event.

I am African-American as well, and so I would not have benefited from that 1920 decision, it wasn’t until 1965 when most African-Americans in the Southern states were allowed to vote. My family is from South Carolina, so just a mere two years before my birth, simply because of my skin color, I would have been denied that opportunity. It is now history, but definitely not ancient.

But do not fear, this blog post is not about politics or race, it is about the celebration of having choices. I was speaking with a good friend not long ago and we were talking about how we both have this innate desire to be “every woman”. We don’t want to feel bound by past decisions or limited to doing only what others think we can do. We don’t even want to be limited by time or place. There is so much in this Universe that is exciting and creative that is available to us now, we want to experience and immerse ourselves into as much of it as our humanness can stand.

As a child, the very first vinyl record I bought was Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman”, back in 1978. I was turning eleven years old and that song inspired me for years afterwards, to be vivacious, strong, sexy, and powerful. I still feel that way when I sing it today. And maybe it’s Chaka’s fault that I now sometimes drive myself crazy wanting to do and be everything. But I love her for that. I used to gyrate my tiny hips and sing along as she sang the lyrics, “anything you want done baby, I’ll do it naturally!”

I am sure that my grandmother who grew up in the South so many years ago, wanted to be every woman, and she did whatever she could do despite the limitations that were placed upon her. She was a wife, a mother of six, a homemaker, and a working mother. She grew vegetables, cooked like nobody else can, was a good neighbor and a great friend to Mrs. Ginyard down the street. In her time and place, she was everything, that every woman could be. I know that she had dreams that were never spoken. And so now, I live and dream for her.

My mother was every woman to me. She was one of the most gentle women I have known, but she was resilient and no matter what happened to her, she always loved life and was determined to live it. Many times my mother spoke to me about her unfulfilled dreams, not in a sad way, but she wanted me to do what I wanted to do. She wanted me to feel free and unlimited and know that I deserved to be happy. She was my greatest cheerleader and she rallied behind all my ideas. She was not always a woman of many words, sometimes when I would talk about the things I wanted do, she would simply say, “Well, Kimmie, why don’t you just go ahead and do it!”

And so, this is a tribute to all women, who are doing what they must do, doing what they love to do, doing what they feel they have to do. You have choices now and they are ever expanding and your definition of what “every woman” is, can be your own individual truth. I celebrate all of us for wanting what we want, with joy and satisfaction.

“I’m Every Woman”
Singer Chaka Khan/Writers Nick Ashford & Valerie Simpson

I ain’t braggin’, ’cause I’m the one
You just ask me and ooooh it shall be done
And don’t bother to compare
‘Cause I’ve got it!
I’ve got it, I’ve got it, yeah!

Roberta and her sister Michelle

Roberta and her sister Michelle

Social networking sites like Twitter are amazing, not just because I like to share mundane things like what I bought at the farmer’s market, but because you can meet so many creative and gifted human beings.

My latest passion, which I found on Twitter, is a lot of luxury in a jar called Scrubz All-Natural Skin Care Products. This website had the two elements that will draw me towards any product, gorgeous colors and packaging and a wonderful cause. Roberta Perry, the founder of Scrubz did a great job of bringing these two elements together. Scrubz has an almost edible looking packaging and scrumptious pictures on the website that spark the appetite, but one of the first things you notice is that Scrubz gives back to the world. If you purchase any Scrubz products during the month of October, you not only have some delicious skin softening products for yourself or as gifts, but you will also be donating 25% of that purchase to the Komen Greater NYC for breast cancer awareness and cure. If you purchase the scent, Pink NYC (lavender/pear), 50% of your purchase goes to Komen NYC all year round! What a wonderful way to give a gift to yourself and a gift to the world.

Scrubz founder, Roberta Perry has an inspiring story of how she got the idea for Scrubz products. She was attending a weight loss meeting 8 years ago and the leader of the group asked the question, “Why is it that we take such good care of others and not very good care of ourselves?” This is a great question for everyone to answer, especially for women because we tend to feel the need to nurture others and place ourselves in the background. After making a promise to do something special for herself, Roberta went out and pampered herself by purchasing an expensive body scrub. This was the beginning of her passion for soft skin. Roberta explored a world of body scrubs until she discovered that the sugar scrubs were among her favorites. After her favorite scent was discontinued, Roberta decided to be creative and make it herself. This was in May of 2006.

Roberta’s sister Michelle encouraged her greatly to package and sell this product after sampling it for herself. She called Roberta and said “you have to sell this stuff…it’s amazing!” and then two days later came up with the perfect name, Scrubz.

This awesome Scrubz product, which was officially born in July of 2006, is the result of a lot of work and research and playing around with different formulas until the magic was created. And magic it is!

Scrubz products

I received my first bit of luxury in a jar, this week. It is a new seasonal scent for Scrubz called Fall Harvest. Fall Harvest is filled with an intoxicating aroma combination of sweet pomegranate mixed with tangy apple and luscious pear. As soon as I opened the outer package, the soft, but intense fragrance filled my bedroom. I was chatting with a friend at the time and told her about the product and its luxurious texture and magical fragrance. We both decided that this Scrubz experience was one to be put in my daily gratitude journal. I immediately stopped what I was doing, ran to the bathroom and began to use Scrubz on my arms and elbows and then realized that this all-natural, chemical free product was gentle enough to be used on my face! My arms, elbows, and face felt revitalized, soft and newly alive. I could instantly feel the difference in my skin.

Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest

I truly thank Roberta Perry for having the courage to start this business and use her creativity to develop this wonderful product. Scrubz products provide a simple accessible way to pamper yourself, take care of your skin, and give back to the world.

My intoxicatedly delicious Fall Harvest scrub is seasonal and is available through November, but there is an array of beautiful scents from which you can choose, definitely something for everyone. Sugar scrubs are also my favorite types of scrubs and this was one of the most natural and gentle scrubs I’ve come across. Obviously Roberta Perry knows what she’s doing and was meant to do this work, ironically her grandparent’s last name was Zucker which is German for sugar.

Scrubz is an all natural sugar based exfoliant/cleanser/pre-shave prep/shaving oil/moisturizer all in one. That’s a lot of work for one product to do, but believe me, it does it all extremely well. I encourage everyone to visit the Scrubz website to view all the new products from Scrubz, like the Oilz by Scrubz, which is an all-in-one moisturizer, massage oil, fragrance and additive for your bath water. Roberta Perry loves the all-in-one product and so do I.

Most of all I love the spirit of Scrubz and its founder Roberta Perry. She is keeping alive the idea that we can build businesses, make a living, and make a difference, which is the all-in-one dream that inspires many.

Contact Scrubz at:
Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc.
p:877 SCRUBZ 8
f: 877 SCRUBZ 2