My friends know that I adore living my Champagne life, on a beer budget, that is. So I decided that it’s time to share some of the great deals to be found on the internet these days. Don’t allow a not-so-fun economy to keep you down. There are always ways to enjoy yourself in this life, and I am here to help you find them. Many times with some imagination, inspiration, and a bit of abundant thinking, we can find many economical creative ways to add some spice to life.

One of my latest finds is A friend sent me the link to this site and they offer amazing deals in quite a few cities across the U.S. Today, if you’re in Washington, DC, you can enjoy a fabulous Indian meal at Indique, worth $50, for a mere $25. Bostonians can go to the matinee of the New England String Ensemble orchestra on April 17th for $12, normally a $25 ticket value. So there’s no excuse why you can’t take that cute girl from the coffee shop on a really classy date! So rush on over to Living Social’s website and grab a deal before it’s too late. The website is a lot of fun because these deals have a deadline. So hey guy, you have 15 minutes left to go grab that orchestra coupon before you have to sit at home alone on another Saturday night.

If you are in a city that celebrates First Fridays, which is literally, held on the first Friday of each month, you can find fun great deals on that day and usually throughout the weekend. First Fridays are normally celebrated with art galleries opening their doors and offering wine, cheese and crackers and free events. Many times an artist is featured for that weekend and you actually get to mingle with them while eating free snacks and wine. What could be better on a Friday night?, that’s legal anyway. So Google your city for First Friday celebrations, and see what type of fun your city may be offering.

Nothing makes me think of the social summer season like serving up some food and cocktails. But at Breaking Dishes we like to add a little twist to everything. So my pal Julian, owner of JG Events specializes in creating customized cocktail recipes for your business, your event, or celebration, or, what the heck, he can create one with just your name on it! You’re fabulous, why not? Listen, anyone can buy a cool pair of designer sunglasses, but who amongst your crew has a cocktail named after them? The regular price range of a customized signature cocktail is from $50-$75, but if you mention Breaking Dishes, Julian will create something awesomely delicious just for you for as little as $30. So, hey you with the $400 smartphone, stand out in the crowd for a change and get your own cocktail named after you! Email

Eat. Drink. Save Money. Thats the slogan for offering amazingly delicious deals through discounted gift certificates to many of your favorite dining spots. If you’re lucky enough to be in Miami Beach this weekend, you can eat at Grazie Italian Cuisine with a $10 gift certificate worth $25. At that price, you can purchase two and have an even better time! And just a little tip; if money is a bit scarce, you don’t always need to indulge in a full meal. Sit at the bar, order an appetizer, or two at happy hour prices, get a nice cocktail and enjoy the scenery.

I have also decided to include some other Champagne-girl-on-a-beer-budget tips for having fun, not just in the summer but throughout the seasons. I hope you try some of them and find out that you don’t have to break the bank or break into a bank, to have fun.

* When you throw a cocktail party, you don’t need to buy a whole bar’s worth of liquors and wines. It is much more fun plus economical to create a theme. Choose one cocktail that suits your decor and your theme, buy some moderately priced wine, a couple reds, a couple white wines, or make a huge bowl of sparkling wine punch. Your friends will find you to be way creative and you will have a classy sassy themed party for less money!

* Remember to explore the area you live in. Imagine yourself as a tourist one weekend and open your mind to the many things there are to see, right in your home town. Pack a small picnic from home and visit the park or the beach. Take a magazine or a really cool friend. Be a picnic team, so you both will bring your own lunchmeats, cheeses, and crackers from home. There are some good things in life that are still free.

* Get together with a group of friends and acquaintances and have everyone bring one bottle of wine, for a group wine tasting. Ask everyone to bring an appetizer and you’ll be surprised how far 8 bottles of wine and 8 homemade dishes will go. I’ve done this type of gathering many times and it is tons of fun with no stress on the purse.

So ultimately, if you open your mind and become creative, you can find many ways to add a little twist to your life without stretching your budget.


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**** I have no affiliation with any of the businesses mentioned above except for the fact that I enjoy what they have to offer.